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The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is planning on using hypnobirthing techniques when she has her baby later this summer according to the UK publication The Times.

Her turn away from standard delivery methods and toward a more natural approach has received support from around the world, while also creating a dialogue that has helped ban negative stereotypes about the meditative practice.

What is hypnobirthing exactly? Essentially, hypnobirthing is childbirth without fear.  Fear can induce tension and tension can induce pain; eliminate the fear and birthing becomes a more natural experience.        

Like hypnosis, hypnobirthing is about gaining control over a part of your mind that you are seeking control over.  When a new mother is more aware and in control of her mind remembering that birthing is a natural process, it results in a more comfortable, relaxing experience for everyone involved.

Prior to giving birth, women will have practice sessions with a hypnobirthing educator who will walk them through various techniques using breathing, relaxation, and visualization. This rehearsal empowers the new mother and birthing companion, which again reduces the fear-tension-pain syndrome.

Ultimately, the technique aims to allow women to find a calmer state by releasing naturally soothing endorphins, oxytocin, and labor hormones.  The body cannot be both relaxed and stressed—it is one or the other—and hypnobirthing coaches the mother to stay in the endorphin-induced comfort and away from the stress hormones that can constrict muscles and cause additional pain.

Now, if a woman still prefers to use medication, hypnobirthing is wonderful in that it is used as mental technique, meaning it can easily be paired with medication.  And, if a woman feels confident enough to have a hypnobirth-guided delivery, she will be among good—if not royal—company.


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