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As baseball season winds down and football season picks up, the attention returns to some of America’s (arguably) favorite celebrities: athletes. These men and women’s devotion and passion for the game seems to radiate off the fields and into our own minds. How do they do it? Stay so focused? Train week in and week out?

While every athlete is different in their routines and tactics, many famous athletes including Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Kevin McBride have utilized hypnosis to better prepare them for the game.

As I’ve mentioned before, hypnosis is a relaxed state of consciousness without stress or distraction. This is key for athletes who, when blocking out external factors, can allow the automatic, rehearsed motions of the game to flow right through them.

To reach that relaxed state of consciousness, a hypnotist works with an athlete to develop techniques that banish negative emotions and associations developed during practice or play, which hide out in subconscious. By eliminating these negative reactions and thoughts, the athlete is free to maintain a relaxed state and focus solely on their game.

If you’re interested, below is an interview with Tiger Woods explaining how hypnosis influenced him and his golfing ability. Though most athletes can experience “black out” moments when they are deep within the “zone,” Tiger’s zone isn’t just about a focus on the game. It involves relying on his hypnosis practice to let the performance happen, tune out all distraction and become absorbed in the game.



There’s clearly a reason they say its 80% mental.


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