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Some years ago I realized that if I didn't get my head wrapped around winter, winter would definitely get the best of me.  And I do not believe my mood and positive feeling should be dictated by the weather.  There is nothing I can do about the weather but there is alot I can do to make the weather support me in feeling good!  And if this is true for me, it is true for anybody.

Step by step I found I could love winter and all it's unique experiences.  It is not generally the popular thing to do here in the Midwest.  A good majority prefer to focus on the fact that any day that doesn't have sun and is cold is somehow inherently depressing; but what if it is not? What if days without sunlight are helpful reminders of how much we appreciate the sun and that we can get things done or do things that we wouldn't necessarily get done or do if it were sunny?  Thinking in this new way might get you outside more during the winter; getting outside more might help you feel less isolated, more expansive and carefree which is generally how we think about summer; thus keeping summer joy all winter long!

The other night I led a class called Making Summer Joy Last All Winter Long  at Streu's Pharmacy Bay Natural; participants commented on how the lack of sun, feeling closed in, suppressed and the lack of social interaction bummed them out.  During the class I gave everyone a handout of some key things (click handout to download it) to do to make winter work for you and eliminate those negative experiences they described.  The handout is comprised of bullet points that were explained during our time together; if you review this sheet you'll likely find helpful hints in there that you can use now to make winter more enjoyable for you or for someone you know.  Winter is a long period of time, there's no sense letting it get you down!  

Please share your ideas about how to enjoy winter in the comments section below, you may help someone(s) who is/are looking for ways to enjoy it! 

PDF Keeping Summer Joy All Winter Long

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