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Much research has been done about hypnosis in recent years; how it works and it's effects.  Because there are so many variables involved it can be difficult to quantify results.  What are the variables?  Here's a short list:  the hypnotist's style and background, the physical environment, the person being hypnotized and their background, the varying degrees of severity of the problem and extenuating facotrs for each person. 

But there is more being done with MRIs and scientific equipment to measure which parts of the brain light up during hypnosis vs. placebo, and other studies that can deliver some more distinct and quantifiable results.  I found an interesting video from the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) on youtube about hypnosis.  It is 1 hour long and when I first posted the video I had it cut to the part that speaks about the research and posted it here; but I can't seem to get it to start there any more so you can either watch the entire video (it is quite fascinating and gives good insight to how hypnosis for health and well-being works) or you can cut to about minute 41:30.  I have to say, during the part of the film where they extract the teeth I had to look away. I could listen but watching was a bit much for me.  Just a heads up!

Also, since I originally posted the video, a few people reached out to me to tell me they couldn't get the video to show up, I'm not sure if it is a browser problem or what exactly so in case you are not able to see the video, follow this link to youtube;and either watch from beginning to end or jump ahead to about minute 41:30 to see more about hypnosis for dentistry.



Now that you've heard more about how hypnosis works, if you'd like to learn about how it can help you personally, feel free to visit my blog and to contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call/text at 920-819-3774.

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