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I provide a powerful kind of mind-body-spirit "medicine" for my clients and audiences. I use a combination of hypnosis, Reiki, Reconnective healing, EFT and intuitive consultations. I've helped thousands of people over the last 12 years in the Greater Green Bay Area and at conferences. People see me privately or attend classes. When we meet, I will asses your situation and use the most effective techniques to help you move forward.

I believe all people have the ability to tap into their inner healer, make the positive changes they desire and create a life they love. I believe that we have all been given the gift of our subconscious mind at birth and we can, as we become wiser and utilize the appropriate “tools”, make choices that help us love our life and others more. I believe in love and kindness. I believe that all people are important and each of us has a unique purpose. I love the work I get to do and am grateful for the opportunity to do it.

I always knew there was something more to the world than just what met my physical eyes. Certainly much of that had to do with my upbringing in a very spiritual family. Traditional catholic, yes, but there was so much more than that in our home growing up! I can still remember joyfully singing the hymns in church with my brother, sisters and parents; somehow transcending the physical limits of time.

When I was four I was hit by a car and had an out of body experience. Thankfully, like most four year-olds, the big bruise on my forehead receded and I bounced back like a rubber ball. When I was 13, my Dad died; which sent me on a search for Truth and Purpose.


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Thirteen is a little young to be searching for such deep truths, but happily that search set me on a path to see what happens “behind the curtain” so to speak; well at least some of what happens behind the curtain. Certainly no one person will ever be totally privy to all that information!

At Marquette University I was blessed with an amazing professor of Political Science; Larry LeBlanc. Dr. LeBlanc led a class that studied the United Nations in New York. At the UN we met with people from other countries who had the most amazing  and distinctly non-US opinions and insights.  Dr. LeBlanc encouraged us to learn and think; not judge; knowing that we didn't have to take all these different ideas home with us. I think it would be fair to say, LeBlanc could've called this class: Compassion. Another pivotal experience was with a Philosophy professor who offered us an opportunity to earn extra credit by doing a report on a book about Near Death Experiences (the experience of dying and coming back to life) by Dr. Raymond Moody based on people’s real experiences of being pronounced dead and then many minutes later coming back to life. Needless to say, doing that report helped me understand spiritual issues of life and the after-life tremendously.


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I spent my last year of college in Madrid, Spain at the Completense. All our classes were in Spanish so by the time I returned to the States a year later; I was quite fluent in Spanish. Shortly after I returned to the States an opportunity to go to Cochabamba, Bolivia and help out at a Sinsinawa Domincan mission opened up for me. After 4 months in Bolivia, I returned to the States with my eyes wide open! The people of Bolivia were wonderful to me. They had very little in the way of material things and the biggest hearts you might find. I had the opportunity to get to many interesting ruins, Lake Titicaca and the Amazon jungle. Of course, there were the typical illnesses of a country such as Bolivia; parasites and typhoid. I was fortunate that when I had typhoid and parasites some of the local people told me how to use natural remedies to combat the illnesses and I could also afford medical treatment. Upon my return to the States I got an opportunity to work at UMOS; United Migrant Opportunity Services in Wautoma, WI where I grew up and had first gotten an interest in Spanish from having a migrant friend Laura Morales. Thank you Laura! From there I moved on to a career in corporate America working for medical products companies, first in Chicago and later in Menominee Falls, WI. It was exciting, fascinating and challenging. I started out responsible for the accounts in South America, the Iberian peninsula and Asia. International business again afforded me the opportunity to learn more about others and their beliefs and relationships with the world that were so different from the way we might think in the Midwest, US. The company had excellent contacts in Mexico and South America where I would visit from time to time, reviewing their business and marketing strategies. There was a short term assisgnment in Madrid, Spain before I moved to the 2nd company in Menominee Falls. With the second company I reported to the President and managed the dept along with travel to Europe and Asia. Then, as distinctly as I knew I had wanted to go into international business, I suddenly knew just as distinctly that it was time to get out. So I gave my two weeks and quietly exited the corporate world to embark on the work I do now.


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Present Day

Today I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA and do a powerful kind of mind-body-spirit “medicine", that incorporates hypnosis, energy healing (Reiki & Reconnective healing), NLP, EFT and spiritual coaching/AngelTherapy to help my clients accomplish their goals. I am certified in the aforementioned modalities and others that are more specific, like weight-loss, stress management, quit smoking, past life regression.

Some of my teachers of these techniques and services have been: internationally known teachers such as Caroline Myss, Dr. Norm Shealy, Dolores Cannon, Doreen Virtue, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Eric Pearl and more regionally well-known in my area of work; Charlene Ackermann, Dr. Scot Giles and others.

I weave these modalities together when doing classes or private sessions. Each service is like a different tool in a tool box. I draw on each modality/service as is helpful for my client. Much like a handyman would use the appropriate tool for the appropriate project; ie. hammer for a nail, screwdriver for a screw. Every day is different and every meeting and class is unique. I love what I do and am grateful that I get to help others access more of their gifts and talents and eliminate the baggage so they can enjoy the path that is uniquely theirs in this life.


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