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They are both great! Directed and regression hypnosis are two key tools a great hypnotist uses in helping her clients accomplish their goals. There are many other key tools that expert hypnotists can use but these are two are asked about the most.


There are times when directed hypnosis is all that is required to help a client attain his or her goals. Either style of hypnosis requires that the hypnotist first gets a very clear understanding of what her client wishes to accomplish. Once the goal is established the hypnotist creates a session designed specifically for her client. There is always the induction; or relaxation segment in both styles of hypnosis. In directed hypnosis the remainder of the session involves direct positive suggestions communicated through visualization, repeating affirmations and other more complicated techniques designed for forward movement toward the goal.


Sometimes directed hypnosis is not enough. Clients can be a bit stuck. Some describe the stuck feeling as “I just keep hitting a wall.” Or “I can’t seem to get out of the muck.” Or “I don’t want to do this but I just keep doing it over and over and can’t seem to stop.” This is when a hypnotist utilizes regression hypnosis. The purpose of regression hypnosis is to go to the originating moment that the negative behavior began and resolve it. Only your subconscious knows this information, hypnosis is the key to unlocking the door to this information. Metaphorically speaking, it is like finding the seed and roots of a nasty weed and pulling the weed out of the garden so we can plant new positive seeds.


The originating event connected to the negative pattern usually surprises my clients even though they may have spent hours, maybe years, thinking about their problem. The reason my client never arrived at the originating event on their own is because they were using their conscious mind to solve the problem. In hypnosis we can easily access the subconscious mind which houses all memories like dvds; easily and efficiently accessing the true event connected to the problematic pattern and do transformational work right then.


Information by itself does not make a healing, transformation or positive change. Therefore, using the information we get through regression, I guide my client through resolving the situation in a healthy manner so that he or she no longer needs to be caught up in the old pattern. Some of the solution comes directly from my client and some of it comes from my expertise in the form of positive suggestion based on my client’s goals and needs. When it comes from me in the form of positive suggestions we are back to directed hypnosis. So you see, both – regression and directed hypnosis - are very, very helpful in forward movement to your goal. Regression hypnosis is helpful in identifying and clearing blocks, while directed hypnosis builds the new path to your goal.


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