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serenelakeYou've probably heard that when you meditate it is most beneficial if you can do 20 minutes of meditation when you sit. This is true, HOWEVER, if you are just starting out it is BEST to start with just a few minutes, even 3 minutes is good! If it's making you antsy, start with one minute. You can do it. And once you get used to it you will like it. Meditation helps the meditator manage every day situations more effectively. Research proves that most meditators are generally happier than most non-meditators.


Getting used to having a singular focus without music or a voice (guided meditation) to guide you takes practice just like running a marathon or even a 5K takes practice. I say set yourself up for success! Start with 3 minutes and when you can do 3 minutes successfully, add another minute and soon you will find that you LOVE your meditation time.


Another hint, when you go into meditation, have a singular focus that is NOT a question; for example focus on a flower, a positive word such as peace, love, namaste, etc, a candle or something else that is simple and "beautiful". Meditating upon a virtuous and holy person is also effective for meditation, however you may want to wait to focus on a person until you have gotten some experience with focusing on a very simple word or object. When you meditate on this focus you begin to access it's vibration and you can incorporate it into your being just by focusing on it. This is why you want to focus on something pleasant and simple. As you learn to be comfortable when you meditate you will find your body releases many positive, feel-good chemicals including endorphines which are is like a natural "morphine".


Be sure you are comfortable when you meditate. Sit in a comfortable position and consider covering up with a light blanket so your body remains warm and comfortable as you meditate.


If you are distracted by something, that is ok. Notice it, let it go and come back to your focus word or object. With time this also becomes easier. Thus you can eliminate the mental clutter and barage of thoughts which can create stress and feel and be calmer in all circumstances.

If you'd like some help to get started on meditation or to take your meditation to another level, contact me


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