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Beginning Meditation?

Meditation has so many benefits on all levels of the mind, body and spirit but many beginners give up after only a few attempts.  This hint is for you, the beginners who’ve never gotten to the beneficial part of meditation; the beginners who’ve only experienced frustration at being inundated with a variety of thoughts barging into what was meant to be a quiet time.

Usually the beginners of whom I am writing start with meditating for 20 minutes.  They have read or heard about how they should start with 20 minutes, commit to the 20 minutes and expect success.  If you have done this and frustration has set in a few minutes into your meditation time; here’s your hint:  start with a couple minutes in the beginning just like you would start to train for a marathon or even a 5K.                              
<<Think about it, if you are training for a marathon or a 5K,
or lifting weights; you do not begin by running 13 miles, 5Ks
or lifting 100 pds; and so it is with developing the mental muscles for meditation.>>

To develop your mental muscle of meditation; start by setting your intention for meditation (ie. following your breathe, focusing on a mantra, etc) get comfortable and sit for 1-3 minutes to start, acknowledge and release the thoughts that bubble up to the surface and return to your breathe or intention.  Each time you sit for meditation you will be developing your mental muscle for concentration and will feel more and more successful.  Each time you will likely find that fewer and fewer random thoughts surface, and/or you are more and more able to let those thoughts go and come back to center.   As you feel successful with 1, 2 or 3 minutes start adding a little more time to your meditation.  The positive feelings of success at by beginning with just a few minutes, will keep you coming back for more.

Looking for some good music to meditate to?  This is a good place to start

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