How's Your Backbone? 1-11-2011 Print


It's easy to find one's physical backbone. It's right there in the center of our back and keeps us upright. Without it, our head would likely hang down by the knees or if gravity had it's way, by the ankles. The figurative backbone is the tricky one.

Finding one's figurative backbone is a more challenging thing. It doesn't reside anywhere in particular in the body and is "invisible". It's more of a feeling, an idea. The figurative backbone is critical to good health. The more it is used; the healthier and stronger it becomes. Making it easier to choose more quickly and choose well. This enhances confidence and mental and emotional feelings of well-being.

In order to say YES! to anything; you must implicitly or explicitly say no to the other options or somehow find a way of moving forward that still accomplishes your goal. In order to say YES! to good health, you must say no to many other things and this is true. When you say no to junk food you ARE saying yes! to good health, good energy, probably better mood and life. When you say no to being sedentary you are saying YES! to being active. When you say YES! to being creative you are saying no to stagnating.

Indeed, you must say YES! to what it is you want to create in life. The more you say yes to everything that leads you to your goal, the easier it becomes to say NO! to everything that takes you away from it.

So... how is your backbone? How is it, especially, in regards to what you would like to create and your goals? Are you wishy-washy? When you could be doing something that brings you toward your goal do you do the opposite? Would you like some help getting clearer on your goal or attaining it? To move you beyond any blocks? If so, I help people do so every day, I love it and would love to help you too.

What can you say YES! to today that gets you one step closer to your goal(s)?


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